Use your lance to make your way through a dark dungeon

[Arrow keys] - Move left & right
[Z] - Jump (drop through platforms when combined with [Down])
[X] - Attack. Hold to charge a dash attack

[P] - Toggle palette ;)

This game was made for #GBJAM 7 by 


StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsVadinci, skydevilpalm, Carlos Mata-Alvarez
Average sessionA few minutes


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im just getting black screen ?

Reload, then wait around 5s. It worked for me.


Thanks, sleepingpanda! Did it end up working for you, bigjus?

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Excellent job teaching the mechanics. I'm glad you didn't implement damage ending a life, because having infinite health let me enjoy the demo, even the challenging bits, without worry of having to start over.

The music and sound effects were great. Art was fantastic.

Thanks for playing!

Hey, I really liked this! Very consistent and appealing art style, and I really like how you teach and ramp up mechanics. The music's great, too. I do feel that the spear hitbox in midair is a little clunky, it either needs to be a tad longer, or be able to hit a little lower: it's angled slightly downward but I needed to be level with enemies to connect with them. Swinging from slightly above them looked like it'd connect, but I whiffed the birds plenty. 

Anyway, I had a lovely time, good work to the whole team!

Thanks, Luke! Appreciate you taking the time to play & giving some great feedback.

That's pretty dope, like really well made visually and physics-wise. Just very uncomfortable to play on keyboard ^^; 

Thanks for playing, nebelstern! Appreciate your input!

Short, but sweet. I'd love to see this fleshed out with more complete levels; I love this gameplay style.

Thanks for playing, Josiah!